Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome to the American Sewing Guild Salt Lake City Blog!

What is ASG?
The short of it:
A rockin' awesome sewing group!

The long of it:
 The American sewing Guild, or ASG, is a national organization with Chapters all across America. "We" happen to be the SLC chapter - but don't let the name fool you, we cover most of Utah! Our chapter is sub-divided into smaller Neighborhood Groups (NG) that meet monthly. In addition to our NG's we also have General Meetings where the chapter as a whole gets together, plus other events, classes and retreats.
 What do we do when we get together? We sew! Or we talk about sewing, learn about sewing, show off our sewing... you get the idea. It doesn't matter what you sew, what machine you sew it on, or how well you sew it, there is a place for you here.

Wanna hang out with us? 
Of course you do! 
You can find out the when's and where's here: Utah NG Meetings

 I know, some of you are thinking "what about me? I don't live in Utah!"
Don't despair - as I mentioned earlier, ASG is a national organization. Chances are, there's a chapter near you. Now, I can't promise you they will be as rockin' awesome as we are here in the Beehive State, but as a whole, fabric lovers are just cool people, so I think you'll be glad you joined! 

Why a blog?
The short of it:
Because we're a rockin' awesome sewing group!

The long of it:
To provide consistent posts about happenings around the chapter so you can stay up-to date on NG activities, special events and elections.
 In the near future we'll have posts with tutorials, free patterns and links to resources along with  interviews with members, retailers and other awesome people. While you're surfin' see what our members are up to with links to their own blogs, websites, and Etsy stores.

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