Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trendsetting Hounds-tooth Shorts aka McCalls 6391 {Made!}

My daughter Kadence definitely has her own sense of style. 

She's a funky girl, with the confidence to wear what she likes, and she sometimes sets the trend.
I try to tell her imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but to a 6th grader trying to be unique it can get frustrating.
Sometimes a girl needs something original, and between her taste and my stitching skills these shorts are just what the doctor ordered!

We started with McCalls 6391, view D

Here's how we got the look:
I used a black and white twill hounds-tooth print for the shorts and lime green satin for the trim - both found at Hancock Fabrics this summer.
Lime green buttons also from Hancocks.

She requested a few design changes, including omitting the font pleat for a flat front finish.
I also cut several inches off the hem and left off the cuff. 

I trimmed out the pockets and flap using some lime satin, and although it looks like I went to the trouble to pipe them, all I really did was line them with the satin, and then rolled the facing out just a tad before stitching.

I used a flat fell seam to finish the sides, and inserted some more lime trim here.
Wonderfully easy technique to up the cool factor - check out my tutorial  for the How to's!

I also used a double row of top-stitching on everything - hem, fly, pockets, waistband... The pattern only calls for traditional edge stitching, but  I think top-stitched this way it has a more RTW feel.
And lastly, a lime green zipper. No one but Kadence will see it - but it's way more fun than if we had just gone with plain ol' black or white.

 I will be making up this pattern again. (you can see my review at here)
For the record, I did tissue fit these before I started, but I will make a few changes next go 'round.
I will raise the crotch a bit more, and the waistband gaps in the back.
I am wondering if the gaping is because this pattern is cut for a girl, but Kadence is starting to get curvy between her hips and waist??
I don't know - except to say I've never had to alter patterns for her until now!

 Any hoo, She loves them, because t hey look "store bought" (which for her is a must) but no one else will ever have a pair like them. And that's exactly what a reluctant trendsetter needs.

Tell us! Why do you sew for the kiddos?

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