Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Proper Pressing Techniques

Why you should press, not iron, 
while sewing and quilting.
Are you wondering, what's the difference?

Pressing fabric is setting the iron down then lifting and moving it on a new area. Up and down, up and down. The iron does not slide over the fabric.

When you iron, you slide the iron back and forth, or side to side while keeping your iron on the surface of the  fabric.

So why does it matter?
Here's a quick little demo:
Pictured below are 2 squares, cut to 3 inches

After a proper pressing this square retains it's original shape

But the pressure and motion of ironing can distort your fabric like it has in this square, pictured below.
See how the bottom right corner is pulled off grain just with a quick ironing?

Bias fabric and curves are especially prone to stretching when ironed, so be sure to properly press these areas when necessary.

So to recap:

Traditional Ironing = Bad!

Proper Pressing Technique = Good!

Tell us!
Do you hate to get up and press those seams, 
or is time at the ironing board no biggie?

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  1. Great demo of what happens when you don't use proper pressing technique!


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