Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 ways to Organize Fabric Scraps

Today's Pinterest Round Up is all about organizing scraps! Check out all these lovely ways to sort and store all those tiny pieces of fabric that we can't bear to part with!

I like Orange has a simple tutorial for storing scraps in mason jars, complete with coordinated lids!

Have too many scraps to stuff into a jar? Pleasant Home uses these baskets and cubbies from Target to keep her large scrap stash under control!

Pioneer Valley Girl uses a clear over the door shoe holder to sort her scraps by color!

Rachel Hauser from Stitched In Color may have the most organized scraps on the planet! She uses bins from Ikea to sort her scraps by size and then uses a separate drawer to house each color! WOW!

And maybe the most original way to stash scraps - Film in the Fridge, utilizes her love of  enamel wear. What an awesome way to showcase a collection and get organized at the same time!

Tell us! What is the smallest size scrap you keep in your stash?

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  1. I need to try one of these. My scrap box is an unbelievable mess :)

  2. The photos are not showing up. Broken links?

  3. photos should be fixed now, thanks!


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