Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magnetic Knife Strips for Organizing in the Studio

I use magnetic knife strips (racks, bars, whatever!) in my studio to hold almost everything.
At any given moment you'll find several feet, needles, maybe a throat plate or two, and anything else I might want within arms reach. The magnets on these are super strong; they even hold my Gingher pinking shears and those babies are heavy!

I have these placed right above my work station so I don't have to get up to reach what I need.
And like my pattern weights, these are so functional - but a little unsightly.
But check out what Serena has done to her plain ol' Ikea Knife Strip!

I love, love, love this knife strip covered in fabric!
(She's even posted a tutorial on her blog, so you can make this yourself)
Sure, it's cute for the kitchen - but wouldn't this be perfect for your sewing room too?!

Tell us! Do magnets make an appearance in your studio?

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